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Marietta Tree Services - Tree Removal and Tree Trimming in Marietta, Georgia

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It is a known fact that trees are a valuable asset to you home and landscape. However, sometimes they need to be removed on an emergency basis. Call our Marietta Tree Removal Specialists if:

- They become infested with harmful pathogens that could cause severe threat to the healthy trees surrounding them.
- They are falling, leaning, or some of the branches are broken or hanging due to severe climatic conditions such as storms, droughts, or floods.
- They are threatening the overall safety of you and your home.
- The tree is dead or dying.
- The tree is blocking a driveway or obstruct new construction or landscape development.

- The tree has overgrown its urban Marietta environment and is causing damage to other trees or structure.

We are a Licensed and Fully Insured Marietta Tree Care Company that has over 45 years experience in the tree service industry. And over 20 years servicing the Marietta area.

Our tree services include:

Free Estimates- No two projects are the same. We don't believe that one price fits all. Every tree removal is different and we will give you a detailed plan on what you can expect from us. We provide accurate, realistic, and affordable estimates.

Tree Removal- The process of cutting down a tree. In some cases the tree can be dropped. Most tree removal will require a climber to scale the tree and bring it down in sections. In the worst scenarios, if a tree is too dead or dangerous to climb, our Marietta tree removal service will use a crane to section the trees out piece by piece.

Tree Trimming - Raising the lower limbs, canopy, or cleaning deadwood and sucker growth out of trees.  During the summer months, tree trimming should be kept to 20
% or less. 

Tree Pruning -
An over all "haircut" for the tree. Going in and cleaning the inside canopy of dead limbs and secondary growth. This will help keep trees from falling over by reducing wind resistance in storms.

Debris Removal - Removing any trees, shrubs, limbs, and logs from your home or property

Lot Clearing - Clearing a property for future landscape development or construction.  Our tree removal experts specialize in lot clearing using state of the art equipment to keep your project on time and on budget.

Stump Grinding - The removal of stumps once the tree has been removed

24hr Emergency Tree Service - We are on call 24/7 to provide you with emergency tree service.  Our emergency tree specialists are disaster certified, which means that they know the ins and outs with the insurance company to make sure that you get everything covered.  Our emergency tree service is ready any time, day or night.


If you are caught in the middle of a tree emergency that is related to a falling, fallen, or dying tree, then our Tree Removal Marietta Experts are your fundamental choice for any kind of tree removal project. Offering withstanding, on time, and fully guaranteed tree removal services and solutions to the residents of Marietta and Cobb County, we are a full service tree company, well known among our customers for offering a wide variety of tree services.

Backed with more than 45 years of experience in highly recognized tree services, including tree removal,  our Marietta Tree Removal Services are the perfect choice  for any kind of hazardous tree service that needs to be carried out in a safe, professional and expert manner.

We will leave no stone unturned to offer the residents of Marietta emergency tree services that are quoted at competitive rates and are easily accessible to our customers. Needless to say, being a seasoned Marietta tree company, we realize that emergencies concerning trees will happen unannounced.

We are fully equipped with expert tree service personnel, who are given constant training and new industry exposure, so that they stay updated with the newest standards held by the tree service industry. Moreover, we know what is required to make sure that tree removal is done to the utmost satisfaction of our customers. We have adopted the the right mixture of skills, knowledge, and expertise to make sure that there is no damage caused to the landscape or structures.  
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